O SDG1000X da SIGLENT é uma série de geradores de forma de onda arbitrária de canal duplo com especificações que incluem largura de banda máxima de até 60 MHz, taxa de amostragem de 150 MSa/s e resolução vertical de 14 bits.

The proprietary EasyPulse & TrueArb technique helps to solve the weaknesses inherent in traditional DDS generators when generating pulse waveforms, and the special square generator is capable of generating square waveforms up to 60 MHz in frequency with low jitter. With these advantages, the SDG1000X can provide users with a variety of high fidelity / low jitter signals while meeting the growing requirements of a wide range of complex and varied applications.

    Dual-channel, with bandwidth up to 60 MHz, and amplitude up to 20 Vpp
    150 MSa/s sampling rate, 14-bit vertical resolution, and 16 kpts waveform length
    Innovative EasyPulse technology, capable of generating lower-jitter Pulse waveforms, brings a wide range and extremely high precision in pulse width and rise/fall times adjustment

SDG1062X: Max Output Frequency of 60 MHz, Max Sampling Rate of 150 MSa/s, 14-bit Vertical Resolution, Waveform Lenght of 16 kpts; 2 CH

Key Features

    Special circuit for Square wave function, can generate Square waves up to 60 MHz with jitter less than 300 ps+0.05 ppm of period
    Plenty of analog and digital modulation types: AM, DSB-AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK, PSK and PWM
    Sweep and Burst functions
    Harmonics Generator function
    Waveform Combining function
    High precision Frequency Counter
    Standard interfaces: USB Host, USB Device (USBTMC), LAN (VXI-11)
    Optional interface: GPIB
    4.3” TFT-LCD display

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Gerador de Funções Arbitrárias Siglent SDG1062X 60MHz 2 Canais

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